3 Pillar Homes

Fast Facts

  • Founded: N/A
  • Headquarters: Lewis Center, Ohio

Expert Opinion

The President and Owner of 3 Pillar Homes, Zenios Michael Zenios grew up in his father’s construction business on the Greek Island of Cyprus, learning every facet of the building trade from master craftsmen. In an effort to bring technology and innovation to his trade, Zenios came to The United States to study civil engineering and earn a Bachelor of Science degree at The Ohio State University with the intention to return to his father’s business in Greece.

However, upon the completion of his studies at The Ohio State University, Zenios was determined to attend Franklin University to obtain his Masters of Business Administration degree. To help pay for the cost of this educational endeavor, Zenios built his first home in The United States in 1998 at the early age of twenty-four.

Soon references and word-of-mouth referrals brought Zenios additional home building opportunities. Not long after, Zenios put to work the lessons learned from his academic achievements and his personal experience to create his own home building business, 3 Pillar Homes.

 Today, you will find 3 Pillar Homes in some of Central Ohio’s most prestigious neighborhoods.  From the empty-nester communities to the growing family home, customization is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Zenios and the 3 Pillar Homes team are fully entrenched into each one of our clients’ home building experience and part of all major decisions.

 From its humble beginnings to its healthy growth, 3 Pillar Homes never lost sight of the important values Zenios learned from his father, Honor, Quality and Design. Today, we at 3 Pillar Homes are proud to carry on that family tradition as our 3 Pillars of Excellence. We are also committed to cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. This commitment assures every home we build achieves complete customer satisfaction.