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Giving Back

What We Sell

Your home is more than just a place of shelter. Your home incorporates more than just bricks and sticks. Home is where family and friends gather, where memories are created. A place filled with experiences of laughter and joy, comfort and rest. Home is the foundation of community and family.

I have sold over 1,800 homes in this community, and I know most of the people who live here. My wife and I reside here, and it is where we raised our four sons. This entire community is part of my family. And as family, it is my joy to be able to give back to this community, and to the families that live here. It is at the very soul of the Alfriend Group.

And I have experienced, first hand, the benefits of living in an amazing community, and the life-saving generosity it can provide.

The Meaning of Community

My wife and I raised my four sons here in Dublin. They are typical boys, healthy, out-going, and active. They were involved in everything, excelling in sports, academics, and making lifelong friends. We appreciated living in such a great place for family and friends.

However I did not appreciate the truest meaning of community, until one of my sons was diagnosed with an aggressive childhood leukemia. As word spread, the entire community immediately jumped to our aid. Students throughout the school district shaved their heads and began wearing wrist bands with my son’s name. Churches, city wide, held regular prayer meetings, attended by hundreds. All three high schools organized dodge ball, basket ball, and hockey tournaments in his name, sponsored by hundreds of local businesses. When the date of the annual Sweetheart Dance arrived, the student body unanimously voted to forgo all flowers, and sent the money to my son.

Through those many months, as we took my son to treatments here and around the country, the community continued to step forward. They cut our grass, cleaned our home, and fed and transported our other sons to all their various events. When the news reported he would be allowed home for Christmas, neighbors decorated our entire home, and filled the room with gifts for the boys.

The incredible support of this community was a major factor in saving his life, and he remains healthy and cancer free.

Giving Back

The experience changed the purpose of my business. I no longer view charitable giving as simply a “good thing to do”. Instead, I see it as a core principle and responsibility for my business. It is the soul of this business. The money is good, because of the good that it does. My son is alive today because of the generosity of this community. How could I possibly do any less?

Therefore, for our clients, we provide the absolute best in customer service. We understand what this home means to you, whether you are buying or selling, for both your family and your financial stability.

And for the community, we see everyone as part of our family. Therefore at every closing, as well as with regular special events, we return to the community the wonderful generosity they have shown my family.


Events for local families, including themed open houses, carnivals, battle of the bands, movie-events, and fund-raisers

Sponsoring marathons, triathlons, and century rides for Nationwide Children’s, Pelotonia, TNT, and The Leukemia Society

Speaking to other organizations about the importance of business philanthropy

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