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Free Buyer Representation

Are you considering buying a new home? Kyle Alfriend has sold hundreds of new homes in Central Ohio, and can help you locate the ideal neighborhood, find the best builder, and create your ultimate dream home.

New Construction Homes

Purchasing a new home is most likely one of the larger investments you will make in your lifetime. The Alfriend Group provides the confidence to make the process stress free, as well as providing long-term profitability.

The Alfriend Group is a team of experts who have been privileged to assist hundreds of families with new home construction for over 25 years. We have represented custom and production builders as listing agents, and assisted families purchasing their new home, representing their best interest, as buyer agents. If you're considering buying a new home, (and if you're on this page, you probably are) let's put it this way:

Imagine you are in Las Vegas at a high stakes poker table. You have a large sum of money on the table, and you are playing against a professional.

Now imagine that the game changes to one you have only played a couple of times, and your opponent has successfully played it thousands of times. His game, his table, his rules.

How comfortable are you feeling?

Then, what if you are offered a professional who worked solely for you, and had successfully played the game thousands of times before?

And - this is the best part - that professional consultant is free to you. His entire fee is required to be paid by your opponent. Would you accept this free service? Why would you ever refuse it?

We care about your home-buying needs, so free consulting is just one of the many things we offer to those buying new construction properties. Check out some of the available new construction homes in the Central Ohio area!

Available New Construction Homes