Schottenstein Homes

Fast Facts

  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Central Ohio

Expert Opinion

Schottenstein Homes was established in 2007 by Paul Coppel and Steven Schottenstein who, together, have worked for nearly 50 years in the homebuilding industry constructing and selling more than 70,000 homes in hundreds of communities across the country.

Steve has successfully spent over 40 years in all facets of home building. In three major geographic areas he has extensively studied the features that prospective buyers want the most in their homes and has used this knowledge to design his present selections of homes for this area. Steve believes that homeowner satisfaction should always be number one, and it must start with a strong commitment from the owners. Paul brings with him over 30 years of legal expertise especially in the areas of land acquisition and development. The importance of selecting the right land for home development cannot be overemphasized. Homeowner satisfaction starts with the right location for the right price. Paul understands the intricacies of this segment of business and scrutinizes every element that might influence the homebuyer’s choice.